PTS spinoffs are a seires of 12 books lossely based on the rest of the PTS universe. UNST feautures Jazz rolland, George Toddul, the cuddle gang and Lord hamish. Holdout Feautures Billy West and Jim West, Murder on the Galctico train and inspector cain feature Terrnace Cain and d Dick Richards. Pensive Tales features Pensieve characters. Pirates in thel ando f Meditor feature

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List of PTS spinoffsEdit

  • UNST: Lord hamish
  • UNST 2: planetary raiders
  • Holdout
  • UNST 3: First Contact
  • Holdout 2
  • murder on the Galctico train
  • inspector Cain
  • UNST 4: PTS uprising
  • Pensieve tales
  • Pirates in thel and of Meidtor
  • Pensieve tales volume 2
  • Apocalypse